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Roasting 2.0

I will admit, when I first saw the word self-trolling, I had no idea what it meant. Quickly, upon reading Tanith Carey’s article Why teenagers are self-trolling on websites like Reddit, I understood what it meant and, more importantly, how dangerous it can be. Photo … Continue reading

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Learn how to learn how to learn

Learning is a process. A long process. Oftentimes, I think we forget how long things take to complete, or how much we should know by a certain time. We expect as adults to be able to learn something rapidly; after … Continue reading

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Can’t Vlog This

Um, wait. Yes you can. I can. And I did. I hope your domenica is going well! Enjoy the last day of our break in febbraio before going back to school tomorrow! As per my calendar of events, here is my second vlog entry: … Continue reading

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Just a Snap Away

Living in the moment.  What does this mean? After a quick google search, you could find multiple definitions. The majority of them however, promote a peaceful mindset, stress-free, and unplugged. The images from said google search indicate similar behaviours. Usually enjoying … Continue reading

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But all the cool kids are doing it

Summary of articles Did you know that 92% of teenagers participate in online activities or social media every day? Although I didn’t know this particular statistic before reading Teens, Social Media, and Technology Overview 2015 by Amanda Lenhart, I knew that teens, and … Continue reading

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Verb enthusiasts unite!

Buongiorno! Come stai?  I personally am molte bene as I am on my way to Calgary to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and a couple of adorable nephews. Normally, the eight-hour drive would kill me, but not today. Today, I get to spend … Continue reading

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Beige is yellow

Remember when I said stay tuned for the mistakes I made in my first vlog? Well, I hope you were able to wait patiently the whole hour that I could before completing this entry. Perhaps another night to reflect upon … Continue reading

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