Beige is yellow

Remember when I said stay tuned for the mistakes I made in my first vlog? Well, I hope you were able to wait patiently the whole hour that I could before completing this entry. Perhaps another night to reflect upon it would have helped, but I just needed to get these thoughts off my chest.


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Beige is yellow – what??

Yes, I did say beige is yellow. That is not what I meant, as you could have probably deduced from the context. I am referencing when I spoke of my notes taken during my Duolingo lessons. The pink colour is for my new words in Italian, the green is for the French translations, and the beige represents English, not yellow. Oh, how embarrassing.

Repetitious vocabulary – so/and

In watching my vlog, I noticed that orally, I repeat so/and often to hold together my thoughts and ideas. Everything is a run-on sentence. I don’t know if I actually finished a thought with a period, with the exception of my pre-prepared Italian sentence at the beginning of the entry. I should have known this, since in my ED 800 class in the fall I had to scribe interviews for a final project. In doing so, I noticed that when we speak out loud (and by we, I mean the four interviewees and myself), we never truly finish a sentence properly. In my next vlog, I will try to finish my thoughts, complete my sentences, and repeat so/and less often.

I salute you – hopefully not insulting

I know that this is perhaps a phrase that is said to refer to impressive work, but it is not necessarily appropriate. I didn’t mean to insult or reduce the importance of military personnel or actions in repeating this phrase online. I meant to say that those who vlog each week impress me, and that I find their work engaging and difficult to accomplish myself. I hope I didn’t insult anyone or any institution with my use of expressions in this vlog entry.

School logo on sweater – unprofessional? 

At first, I tried to hide the logo on my sweater by folding it over at the beginning of my vlog. Then, during the entry, my sweater unfolded and showed my school logo. I tried to hide it with my hands when I noticed it during the filming, but it was too late. My school was shown on my vlog. Is this unprofessional? Is it okay for me to show my school, my place of work, on a vlog for a grad class? Although I know the information shared is educational in nature, I wonder if, without permission, I can wear a logo that I do not own.

Quoting a blog without proper information shared – definitely unprofessional 

In the vlog, I did mention another blog that spoke to the importance of using conversation to learn a language. I was ill-prepared to speak of this blog, seeing as I did not have the author on hand, nor the website to cite. How could others find the information I found without knowing where I got it? Furthermore, I was sharing something that was not mine, and I did not have the right to share it without properly citing it. This was a big mistake, and one that can never be repeated.


Therefore, mistakes were made. Important and embarrassing ones. Ones that I should never make again, and ones that others can learn from as well. So my goal for my next vlog? Be more prepared; know what I want to say and clearly state it; avoid repetitious use of so/and (as well as equally repetitious replacements such as like); be more mindful of the expressions I am using; avoid wearing clothes with particular logos; and ensure proper citing whenever mentioning other people’s work. It’s a place to start, at least.

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