Stop, it’s vloggin’ time

Buona sera! Good evening! As per noted in my calendar of Italian events posted a little over a week ago, today is the day of my first vlog entry. To be completely honest, I am glad I actually wrote it in the calendar, because I do not know if I would have gone through with a vlog had I not put it out there for the world to see. That being said, some of my colleagues have braved the difficulties and done vlogs themselves, which inspired me to do the same (keep up the great work Amy, Genna, and Ashley, to simply name a few!).

Here is the blog I quoted in my vlog, speaking to the importance of conversation and speaking when learning a foreign language.

Here are the pictures for my post-its this week, as referenced in my vlog:

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If you can’t see the words and didn’t understand my pronunciation in the vlog, here they are (articles included!):

  1. La télévisionethe television 
  2. Il altoparlante the speaker
  3. I sistemi elletronicithe electronic systems
  4. Il filo or il cavothe cable
  5. Il console per videogiochithe video game console 
  6. Il pulsante the power button
  7. Il recevitorethe receiver 
  8. Un regulatorea controller
  9. Il vetrothe glass 
  10. Il legnothe wood 

(Italian is in purple while English is in green).

What do I think of my first vlog experience? I enjoyed it. I felt I could share more in less time, given the fact that I can orally express it rather than write it out. There are evidently benefits to both types of reflection methods, and I will continue to use both throughout this learning process. I do strongly believe oral speech – although frightening, anxiety-ridden, and nerve-wracking – is essential to all language learning. Therefore, I will continue to write and speak about my adventures in Italian, just as I will continue express myself in this language both orally and written in this blog.

Now, after having filmed the vlog for the thirteenth time and feeling as though I finally succeeded in expressing my reflections through this learning process, I watched it over and realized I made a few (embarrassing) errors. This led me to the question: do I do it over again, or do I leave the errors in, for others to learn from them just as I did. Even simply for others to see that not everyone is perfect at vlogging and mistakes can be made. So… what did I do? I left them in. Can you find them? Stay tuned for a my analysis of my first vlog to see where they are! (Using myself in a slightly embarrassing manner to learn and to help others learn? Yes. That will happen.)



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6 Responses to Stop, it’s vloggin’ time

  1. Awesome use of vlogging! I like the idea of post-it notes on different objects to help recognize the Italian word for them.


  2. Genna Rodriguez says:

    WOW! I’m so impressed with your pronunciation! I have not braved a vlog of my speaking, as I don’t feel quite confident yet. I think you’re doing great! Reading your last paragraph about errors, I realize that I, too, need to develop more confidence in being okay with making mistakes and posting them in such a public way. After my post-its vlog, I realized I got the spelling wrong on one of them. I, too, thought about going back and re-doing it, then I thought, no… this is about the process. If I focus on making everything perfect, then I’m not going to show that learning can be messy and my progress will not be as evident. Your post has given me more confidence to attempt a Spanish-speaking vlog in the coming week(s). Thank you!


    • Thanks! It’s so hard being okay with our mistakes, but it’s something that I’m trying to get used to to model for my students. I look forward to hearing you speak Spanish in coming vlogs!


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