Can’t Vlog This

Um, wait. Yes you can. I can. And I did.

I hope your domenica is going well! Enjoy the last day of our break in febbraio before going back to school tomorrow!

As per my calendar of events, here is my second vlog entry:

(Yes, that is the best thumbnail picture they let me choose… Does anyone know how to pick a particular image from the video as the thumbnail, rather than the three they choose for you?)

Sorry for the lack of proper eye contact; I thought I was looking at the camera on my phone, but evidently I was not! As a critique of my own, I think I am over-rolling my Rs. I will try to stop that for the next conversation and vlog. Furthermore, you will notice I forget to say febbraio in the sentence Mia vacanza di febbraio. I meant to include that in my initial sentence at the start of the vlog!

My inspiration for this week’s post included the blogs of my language learning peers, Vanessa, Amy, and Ashley. They have also been using Duolingo, and have noted similar difficulties that I have been having with it. Although, as I mention in my vlog, I am still enjoying this app and I will continue to use it to enhance my Italian vocabulary.

As I mentioned in my vlog, I do feel as though I have made progress on both Duolingo and Mango Languages. Little by little, I am starting to feel more confident in understanding the language, but not necessarily conversing in it. I am not as far in learning my language as my other colleagues though; hats off to you guys for doing so well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Resources I consistently use to help me create my vlog entries and, more specifically, my Italian sentences and pronunciation include WordReference (for translating) and Forvo (for pronouncing). You will notice the link to Forvo is still on the Italian word mercoledi. I am still trying to pronounce that word correctly; if you are so inclined, you can listen to its pronunciation, and let me know how I can improve mine!

Finally, here are my 10+ words on post-its for this week:


  1. La domenicaSunday 
  2. Il lunedi – Monday
  3. Il martedi – Tuesday
  4. Il mercoledi – Wednesday
  5. Il giovedi – Thursday
  6. Il venerdi – Friday
  7. Il sabata – Saturday
  8. Il gennaio – January
  9. Il febbraio – February
  10. Il marzo – March
  11. Il aprileApril
  12. Il maggioMay
  13. Il giugno June
  14. Il lulio July
  15. Il agostoAugust 
  16. Il settembre September
  17. Il ottobreOctober
  18. Il novembreNovember 
  19. Il dicembreDecember

(Italian is in purple while English is in green).

Once again, if you have any suggestions, comments on my pronunciation, or ideas for further language development, please do not hesitate to leave me a message! I will be having a conversation with my husband this week, so if you have any ideas as to a topic, please let me know. Enjoy your settimana back at school! Ciao! 






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2 Responses to Can’t Vlog This

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    Wow! What a great vlog! It sounds like you have made a lot of progress and you have some great goals to help you learn moving forward! I have a lot of trouble with my r’s as well. I feel like I can’t roll them. As I mentioned before I struggle to think on the fly as well. I often try to think of a sentence in my head and more often than not I can’t come up with anything. I might have to try work with a notebook or post-its. Great post!


  2. That is so hard…. I like your calander plan! That’s helpful to carry on!


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