Vlogging, Texting, Tweeting… Oh my!

Welcome to Vlog numero tre!

Now, I would like to specify something that was said within this blog because it was NOT my intention and I find it an important element to address. When I mentioned our culture was English, I did not mean to minimize the varied cultures that exist in Regina, in Saskatchewan, or in Canada. I know we have a multitude of cultures here in the city alone, which enriches our society and defines our country. I, myself, am very proud of my French heritage and my French culture. So I do apologize if what I said minimized or caused insult to any of the myriad of wonderful and enriching cultures in Regina.

What I meant: the principal language of everyday life for my specific students is English. They live principally in English, making it more difficult for them to incorporate French into their everyday lives.

Heather’s blog is a great read, and helped me realized that learning anything requires consistent, daily practice, no matter what. Ashley’s blog and Kristina’s comment on said blog have also had an impact on my vlog reflection this week. Finally, as mentioned in my vlog, I started following Lorenzo Jovanotti, Italy Magazine, Italian Talks, and Italian Language on Twitter. Follow if you are also trying to learn Italian!

Here is one screenshot example (where I texted the most…) of the text messages between my husband and I this week:


Here are my ten new words for this week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Una porta – a door
  2. Un armadio – a closet
  3. Una giaca – a jacket
  4. Una sciarpa  a scarf
  5. Un attaccapanni– a hanger
  6. I paraorecchi – earmuffs
  7. Une scatola – a box
  8. I sandalo  sandals
  9. Una racchetta da badminton – a badminton racket
  10. I stivali  boots

(Italian is in purple while English is in green).

I hope you all have una settimana fantastica! Any suggestions, feedback, and/or comments are always greatly appreciated below! Buona sera!


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One Response to Vlogging, Texting, Tweeting… Oh my!

  1. asingh2 says:

    Nice work! I love the sticky notes all over your closet, and I’m also a fan of the dual language text messages! Cool unique situation that you can share with your husband.


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