Prank or Practice?

Benvenuto a vlog numero quattro! The main theme this week is the summary of my biggest successes with online learning (Pinterest, Twitter, and the community that comes along with it) and the biggest obstacles I have faced with it (intrinsic motivation, easy access, and how easy it is to ignore Duolingo reminders).

As mentioned in the vlog, I used Forvo to help determine my Italian pronunciation this week. To aide in the development of my Italian sentence, I used WordReference to translate my sentence from English to Italian.

Here are the pictures of my dad’s prank, as well as my new words for the week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are the translations of the new words from Italian to English:

  1. Il sale – the salt
  2. Il pepe – the pepper
  3. Il macchina del caffè – the coffee machine
  4. Il caffè  the coffee
  5. Da collegare– plug-in
  6. La carta assorbente – paper towel
  7. Il macinacaffè – the coffee grinder
  8. Il credenza  the cupboard
  9. La piastrelle – the tile
  10. Il vassoio  the tray

(Italian is in purple while English is in green).

As mentioned in the Vlog, my goals for the week include:

  1. Continue DuoLingo
  2. Restart my Mango success.
  3. Use Pinterest, WordReference, and Forvo when blanks need filled
  4. 10 new household words
  5. Explore resources shared by Ellen on our Google+ community (I want to actually get to this goal, unlike last week when my learning project unfortunately was placed on the backburner)
  6. Continue using Italian in everyday language and situations with my husband.
  7. Try to sing, as encouraged by Vanessa and Genna.

Any comments, questions, feedback or ideas are always welcome! Grazie! 

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