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Summary of Learning

Was there anything that wasn’t new for me in this course? I don’t think so! I learned so much throughout the past few months, and my previous stance on limited use of social media and technology has been consistently challenged throughout this … Continue reading

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What a few months, a few apps, and some time can do

Benvenutto a mio blog/vlog ultimo! As my previous blog has stated, I have learned a lot throughout this term about learning online. The whole process is different than anything I have ever done before. It was a completely new endeavour for … Continue reading

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How to Learn Online – Steps Through the Eyes of a Tech Newbie

“Learning how to learn is one of the most important skills in life” Nourma F Fauziyah I thought I knew how to learn before this class. I worked hard in school. I paid attention, did my homework, studied like crazy, … Continue reading

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Vloggin’ Machine. Kind of.

Benvenutto a vlog numero cinque! This is one of my last vlogs for this course, although I will be doing a shorter vlog next week in my final summary of learning. Point of note: just as in French, there are … Continue reading

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Can’t we all just get along?

Have I mentioned before that I feel as though I live in a bubble? Under a rock? In my own little world? Or, at least, I did – before this class. There are so many things I had never heard … Continue reading

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