Vloggin’ Machine. Kind of.

Benvenutto a vlog numero cinque! This is one of my last vlogs for this course, although I will be doing a shorter vlog next week in my final summary of learning.

Point of note: just as in French, there are actually multiple verb tenses in the past, I was referencing personally the difference with simple past and composed past in both languages, which is why I said there were two past tenses, when in fact there are multiple of them.

Ashley‘s blog last week was my inspiration for the Slow News Italian, which is a great resource for all those looking to learn Italian from the beginning. Furthermore, Italian-Verbs is where I go for all my conjugation needs. Other resources I quoted in my vlog include Twitter, WordReference, HiNative, Mango, Forvo, and Duolingo.

Below are examples of how great Slow News Italian is for explaining verb conjugation simply yet effectively:

Slow News Italian 2Slow News Italian

This is something that was never broached properly in Duolingo or Mango (in my experience), and is extremely important in understanding how to speak, read, and write in Italian.

Although I do love Duolingo, as I stated in my vlog, here is an example of a conjugation that simply did not make sense in my mind.

Duolingo confusion week 11

Finally, here are my in fact 12 new words for the week (it seems as though I can’t count properly in my vlog):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. La scrivania – the desk
  2. Un taccuino – a notebook
  3. Un computer – a computer
  4. Il perforatore  the hole-puncher
  5. Il mouse the mouse
  6. La fotocopiatrice – the photocopier
  7. La stampante – the printer
  8. Una penna  a pen
  9. Una malita – a pencil
  10. La finestra the window
  11. Un cassettoa drawer
  12. Una sediaa chair

(Italian is in purple while English is in green).

Have una settimana eccellente! With  my goals in mind from my vlog, I will finish up my learning and compile it all in one larger summary of learning in next week’s blog entry. Ciao! 

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One Response to Vloggin’ Machine. Kind of.

  1. asingh2 says:

    Nice work this week Elizabeth. You really had some great points about the different formats. I too really enjoy Duolingo, although I have also experienced sentence translations not making sense. I also experience frustrations with Mango building sentences for-ev-er!

    It sounds like you’ve had a really productive week, and I’m impressed with all of the new words you’ve learned! Unfortunately, I have not felt as though I have made any progress this week. I’ve maintained a daily streak with Duolingo and have even gotten through many new lessons, but my fluency has dropped, and I have stagnated.

    Anyway, it’s nice to know someone is making progress this week! Looking forward to your final summary!


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