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Can we live without it?

Technology is making our kids unhealthy What an interesting debate this one turned out to be during the second half of our class Tuesday night. The agree team – made up of Aubrey, Jayme-Lee, and Jennifer – debated against an … Continue reading

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#tlap, but #knowyourfacts

The first of two debates this week focused on the topic of schools not teaching anything that can be googled. To convince us of this argument, Luke, Ashley, and Andrew teamed up and presented a wide variety of arguments that really … Continue reading

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64 to 36

Technology is an area of controversy and debate, where opinions range from extreme to mild in both the positive and negative side of the argument. I find myself on neither end of said spectrum, but rather somewhere in the middle, … Continue reading

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Ed Tech Status – In Progress

If you have followed my blog previously, you would know that I am no educational technology expert. In fact, last semester’s introduction and subsequent dive into educational technology in EC&I 831 was a completely new experience for me. A daunting, … Continue reading

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