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So it won’t work… Or, wait, it could. It should. It will. But how?

This past week, Kristen Hansen, Adam Krammer, Stephanie Grand, Lorraine Wagner, Venessa Vogel, and Sharon Flaman shared their knowledge on tools for distance and online education. After a wonderful presentation (well done team!) where they brought in the amazing Jade Ballek … Continue reading

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11 tabs too many?

This week, Andrew, Nancy, Jayme, Roxanne, and Ashley shared an excellent presentation about productivity and presentation tools. They shared a wide variety of tools throughout their presentation – including the typewriter, the personal computer, the evolution of counting from the abacus … Continue reading

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Plick Your Way to Success

Online presentation = check! I have to thank my wonderful teammates – Rochelle Rugg, Luke Braun, Krista Gates, and Amy Singh – for collaborating so well on this project. Although we may have met a few times throughout the planning … Continue reading

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Yours in Education

A teacher I admire very much would always sign the letters she would send home to parents preceded by Yours in Education. I absolutely loved this and – just like any other teacher would – I borrowed it (with permission!) to precede my own … Continue reading

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I think, therefore I am… Or, maybe not.

I am a teacher. I am a proud to be a teacher. You can see this in all of my online profiles, and when you meet me, this will be one of the first things I will use to describe myself. … Continue reading

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