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It’s the Final Countdown

Do you now all have that song stuck in your head? You’re welcome:) Now, is it really the final countdown? Sort of – it’s the beginning of a longer final countdown as compared to usual. We still have a couple … Continue reading

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Yay or nay?

When we were first given the blog prompt this week, I was really excited to explore this topic further, but also a little overwhelmed. There are so many possibilities that can be discussed, and I wasn’t exactly sure where to … Continue reading

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Bloggin’, zoomin’, and googlin’

I think we all know that EC&I 834 (amongst other Couros-Hildebrandt classes), are special when it comes to post-secondary and graduate education. Although these courses are primarily done online, with the combination of Google Plus, the Zoom Room, and the Blog … Continue reading

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