Cheap-seat Tuesday is Back

Who else here loves movies? One our favourite date nights is going to check out the new movies at the theatre, eating some popcorn, and seeing some trailers. All in all, a pretty good night.

It also happens that I am incredibly “frugal”, and going to a movie every weekend starts to add up and becomes quite expensive. So what’s the solution? Obviously, cheap-seat Tuesday! Now, for most weeks, this hasn’t been possible because of our awesome EC&I 834 class, in which I learned so much about online and blended learning environments. So then, I figured, why not try to combine both of these things – going to the movie theatre, and my summary of learning?

So, what I tried to attempt this time around was an Edtech Pre-show. You know how, at the movie theatre, there is always a pre-show? This pre-show has questions the audience can answer and interviews about a movie that they can watch while waiting for the real  show to begin? Well, this is what I tried to emulate, and then follow-it up with what I feel is sometimes the best part about going to a movie, some trailers.

Because of transitions and everything I combined together, it is a little over the 7-minute mark, which I hope is okay because the combination of things did take me awhile to edit. Hope you like it!

I still do have so many questions about online learning and its place in my classroom – as well as my place in online learning. There is still a lot to be learned, but I am glad I got a glimpse into all the tools, LMSs, problems, concerns, and possible interactions that can be developed online. It has really made me reflect on my own teaching, and what I can do now to incorporate more blended learning aspects to my teaching. I thought at the start of the semester that I was doing such a great blended classroom because I posted all my assignments on Google Classroom – was I ever wrong! I learned the value of interactions, risk-taking, and most importantly, giving up control and allowing kids to create their own content to show me a few things. It is still “in progress” – I wouldn’t say I could start teaching online tomorrow without kinks – but I am more ready now than I was before.

Well, it has been a blast, everyone! Huge congrats to all the EC&I-ers that are now done their masters, like Ashley, Amy, Kirsten, Andrew and anyone else who is now finished their graduate degree. You all deserve it!

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8 Responses to Cheap-seat Tuesday is Back

  1. Sarah Wandy says:

    I also learned that there is so much more to a blended learning classroom than just posting things online. A thoughtful pedagogy behind the blended learning classroom is most transformative.


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  3. hodsmanj says:

    What a fun blog post! I also look forward to going out again without having a paper or project in the back of my mind!! I agree that this class was a great way to take a “glimpse” at all that exists out there in the world of online learning.
    Amazing job on the Summary of Learning as well! See you Tuesday 🙂


  4. Kirsten Hansen says:

    Cheap Tuesdays, how I’ve missed you! Lol. My husband kept going to movies without me this semester.

    Nicely done, Liz! Mine went a bit over 7 mins too. I hear you about editing all the bits and pieces to pull it together. I obviously need to take Andreas’ course!

    You’ve done a great job!


  5. carlacoop1 says:

    Way to go! This is such a fun blog post and summary of learning! Congrats on finishing your degree!


  6. ashleypmurray says:

    Another job well done on the summary of learning. I love the trivia at the start as well as the music you used along the way. Such a fun and creative summary! I’m glad I was able to do almost half of my classes with you as you always add to the discussion and learning.


  7. Enjoyed the ‘movie’ theme’. Won’t it be a relief to watch a movie without feeling guilty :). Well done.


  8. Great summary of learning Elizabeth. It was a lot of fun and creative!
    You’ve got to love iMovie trailers. I used a couple in my video too!


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