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We’re already done?

After yet another whirlwind of a class, we have reached the end of EC&I 833 and that means it is time for a video representation of our final summary of learning. Below is the summary of learning I completed for … Continue reading

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In the Virtual World of Education

Just like my peers – Erin, Jayme, Heidi, just to name a few – I had no idea what augmented reality and virtual reality were, nor what their applications in the classroom could be. When I first saw the topic … Continue reading

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Empowering the world – one inspiration at a time

This week’s presentation by Heidi, Holly, Allison, Launel, and Benita focused on assistive technologies and their use and purpose in the classroom. After their wonderful presentation (bravo team!), they challenged us to think about our own experience with assistive technology … Continue reading

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PollEverywhere, Anytime, and with Google Slides

After yet another wonderful presentation this week – this time by Tyson, Jennifer, Natalie, and Nicole – I am left feeling inspired and ready to try new #edtech tools in my classroom. This week’s focus was on assessment technologies. In the … Continue reading

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What’s a Web 3.0 and How Do I Get One?

This week, I want to say a huge congratulations to Erin, Kyle, Naomi, Heidi, and Angus for a wonderful presentation on Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. A bonus shout-out to all my colleagues in the class for whom the twitter chat … Continue reading

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So it won’t work… Or, wait, it could. It should. It will. But how?

This past week, Kristen Hansen, Adam Krammer, Stephanie Grand, Lorraine Wagner, Venessa Vogel, and Sharon Flaman shared their knowledge on tools for distance and online education. After a wonderful presentation (well done team!) where they brought in the amazing Jade Ballek … Continue reading

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11 tabs too many?

This week, Andrew, Nancy, Jayme, Roxanne, and Ashley shared an excellent presentation about productivity and presentation tools. They shared a wide variety of tools throughout their presentation – including the typewriter, the personal computer, the evolution of counting from the abacus … Continue reading

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